Submit Your Event

Please note: Presently we only add events that fall into the following categories on our website and social media channels:

Plays, Musicals, Operas, Operettas, Concerts, Choral or Dance

Fo events that don’t fit into these categories, please email a high resolution square image. We can’t stress enough that the image you are supplying must be square. We will not accept any other sizes, as those don’t display well on instagram. We will also not resize or redesign your posters on your behalf. We will review all submissions, and if we can, we will post those on our social media channels.

What we can’t do:

We are not here to market shows or performances that occur regularly (like weekly or monthly recurring shows). We are not here to be a marketing avenue for those events, as we simply don’t have the capacity to post those regularly. We will certainly help promote those events, but only once so please ensure your image specifies the frequency of your performances/events.